GIS Philosophy



At GIS we are acutely aware that one size does not fit all. Regardless of sector, each developer, operator or jurisdiction is subject to its own unique pressures and considerations. Solutions and methods that are successful for one operator or in one jurisdiction are often not palatable or feasible for another operator or jurisdiction for financial, economic, political and/or cultural reasons. While industry and regulatory best practices are always at the core of any GIS recommendation, we recognize the need to adapt solutions to local realities. Our aim is always to position our clients to achieve the most optimal result possible under all the relevant facts and circumstances. 

As a corollary, GIS is committed to candor and transparency in its communications with our clients. Our focus is on ensuring that we fully appreciate the pressures and realities to which our clients are subject and that our clients are well-educated consumers of our services. We strive to ensure that our clients are fully conversant in every option available to them, are equipped for decision making and are aware of the reasonably expected impact of any decision they make on operational integrity, profitability, competitive position and/or the ability of the jurisdiction to attract and maintain investment.